My View From the Ski Lift….

Joel Hunt Us Paralympics 2014
Joel&Barrett 2014

Joel Hunt

My ski career ended in March of 2014 at the Sochi Russia Winter Paralympics ranked 24th in the world in Giant Slalom. I stated skiing in December 2008 becoming the first person with TBI to be selected to the U.S Ski Team. When I returned, my heart was to serve veterans using the platform and publicity gained from my Sochi Paralympics experience. So, what did I do?

I started doing radio. I now have my own talk show The Beer30 Show. I am a retired combat veteran and also retired from my ski career. At present I advise veterans about all the programs available in addition to those provided by the VA. Currently my show airs on Military Brotherhood Radio (MBR) as my journey continues with my studies at Colorado Media School. I have learned so much from Colorado Media School for on-air Broadcasting and Video. I have learned  Adobe Audition, Cool Edit, Final cut pro just naming a few programs that I am familiar with now. I am knowledgeable with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Apple Macintosh products. I also DJ and Host shows on Mile High Underground. I am experienced in Sams Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, and Radio DJ.  I am familiar with all programs you utilize to do on-air streaming. I know how to create a Radio Station.   I created“>J&J Radio.   Not everyone can enjoy all the success I achieved, but at least I can help make the journey less of a struggle.

Here’s my story.
I joined the Army in 1998 as a combat engineer. On my third deployment to Iraq, I was injured by an IED leaving me with TBI. When I returned home I was wheelchair bound and in the care of my parents. My homecoming was difficult because I could not get my dead buddies out of my head. I wished I had died in Iraq rather than face what my life had become. My parents forced me to go to a military ski camp for TBI victims in December of 2008. Begrudgingly, I went and learned how to ski. I was ranked in the top 10 of adaptive skiers nationally by the end of the 2009-2010 ski season. Today I am ranked 3rd in the U.S and 34th in the world. In the beginning of 2013 I completed my first slalom without disqualification. It took all I had. I earned a silver Medal in the Canadian nationals which qualified me for the World Cup and the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia as an adaptive skier. I put in a request for a freedom service dog in December of 2011. 2012 was a very difficult year. In January I fractured my neck skiing, my wife and I lost my second child to a miscarriage, and my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

On March 9th 2012 Barrett, my service dog and I started our training. On October 15th my Mom died. When closing her estate, I discovered she had been saving money in an account called “Russia” so she and my dad could travel to Russia to see me ski in the Paralympics. My mom believed in me so much and she wanted to see me race in Russia.